And Supporting Documents

Hume Town Board Meeting
William P Brooks Hose Company
24 South Genesee Street
Fillmore, NY 14735
February 26th, 2020

  • Community Forum - Tree in Gazebo Park

  • Distributed Sun LLC 

  • Insurance Proposals

  • Highway
                    -Fuel Bid Opening (7:45pm)
                    -Transfer Reserve Funds- Western Star 

  • Water/Sewer  

  • Dog Control Officer- Rabies Clinic 

  • Museum- The Bee  

  • Town Clerk 
                    -Amendment to Resolution #1
                    -Credit Card Equipment  
                    -ATV Stickers
                    -Local Law #1, 2, and 3 of 2019
                    -Deputy Transcript Hours 

  • Supervisor 
                        -Resolution: Authorization for                                 Representative to Execute Grant                                                 Agreement
                        -Resolution: Authorization and                                        Appropriation of Local Match                                             (20% Local Match)    
                        -Resolution: SEQR Determination (Type II)

  • Bills & Reports