Town of Hume Dog Control
Dog Control Officer

 Vincent Juiliano

Phone  Call, Text or email
Licensing  of  Dogs Is Required by Town of Hume Law
Local License Law #2 of 2019 

All dogs over the age of 4 (four) months must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed.

New License:
Valid rabies vaccination papers from your veterinarian, and spay/neuter papers if applies.

Renewal form received from the Town along with updated rabies papers and spay/neuter papers if this status has changed.

Licensing may be done in person at the Town Clerk's Office or by mail.

Town of Hume
Town Clerk
PO Box 302
Fillmore, NY 14735

License fees for the Town of Hume:
Spayed or Neutered dog: $10.00
Unspayed or Unneutered dog: $18.00

A late renewal fee has been adopted:
$10.00 for first 30 days past due
$60.00 for 60 days past due
$90.00 for 90 or more days past due

Dog licenses are renewable annually.

Call 567-2666 if you have questions.
Please call your local dog control officer as soon as you realize that your dog is missing.
or check facebook for lost or to report a found dog.  You may also email if you don't use facebook.