Erie High Bridge in Botsford Hollow

The Rush Creek Bridge, shown at left was one of two gigantic spans on the Erie Cut-off. Construction began in the early 1900’s and its completion was in 1909, to avoid high grades of the mainline on the Erie Railroad.  It spanned more than 1,922 feet and  was 155 in height.
Ironically the Pennsylvania Railroad brought massive I -beams into Fillmore, NY. The above picture shows seven teams of horses pulling one the massage I-beams from the Pennsy Railroad Depot in Fillmore more than two miles to Botsford Hollow. For nearly seventy years this trestle was used, until vandals and discontinued use forced Conrail to demolish this grand landmark.
Located in the Town of Hume in Botsford Hollow, this massive structure accredited the Allegany Highlands one of the peak railroad construction feats in the world. The above picture shows five men who helped to build the trestle.