Town of Hume Water ~ Sewer
Septic Tank Risers

The round, black plastic disks appearing in area yards are Septic 
Risers.  The risers allow easier access to the septic tanks for cleaning purposes.  

As the season approaches for running lawn and garden equipment, please note the location of these risers and exercise caution when near them.

The risers and covers are the property of the Town of Hume. If damage to them should occur, the property owner will be billed for repair or replacement.
Septic Tank Pumping

Septic tanks are pumped on a scheduled, rotating basis.  In most cases, this is a three year cycle. However, if you experience a problem, call the Water and Sewer Department at 567-8082 immediately.
After your tank is pumped, please note any loose or broken covers and report to the Town as soon as possible. Phone 567-2666 or 567-8082 so that corrective steps may be taken.

Cory Potter

Ph & Fax 585-567-8082
This page was last updated on: March 24, 2020
Water Treatment Plant
Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Sodium Levels of the Hume Water District have tested High.

The water is not to be used for drinking by those persons on a severely restricted Sodium diet.

Contact your physician if you have questions. 

​The Town of Hume Sewer Personnel ask for customers  to refrain from flushing baby wipes, Clorox Wipes, Paper Towels and Feminine                                                                                                             Products.