Susan Bodnar, Registrar
585-567-2666 ext.1

For Applications by Mail

A written request is required before any information from a Vital Record is released. The request must be notarized. You may use the forms below to make your request, and either mail it to the Town of Hume or present it in person at the Town Hall.

       Birth Record                       Death Record                        Marriage Record

For birth and death records, the charge is $10.00  for each certified copy or "No Record" certificate. Copies of marriage records are $10.00.
Checks or money orders should be payable to "Town of Hume".  The Town's mailing address is Town of Hume, PO Box 302, Fillmore, NY 14735. 

To aid your search for information, please be aware that Birth and Death Certificates are on file in the town or village where the birth or death occurred, not necessarily in the place of residence. Marriage Certificates are filed in the town where the license was purchased; that is not necessarily the same place as where the marriage occurred or where the persons resided.
 Vital Records Procedures